A young dancer is assisted by an instructor.

Health Services

Canada's National Ballet School is committed to developing confident, self-aware dancers capable of fully exploring their artistic potential. We continue to pioneer the use of health professionals to support this goal.

Specialists – including on-site physiotherapists, doctors, psychiatrists, social workers and nutritionists – provide instruction on topics such as: injury prevention, nutrition, mental and emotional health, personal fitness and lifestyle. Consultants are also available to individual students on request. For resident students, a pediatrician is on call and consulted as needed.

Residence & Meals

Residence students live in residence which is located on Maitland Street, one block from the Celia Franca Centre and Margaret McCain Academic Building. A short walk from the dance studios and classrooms gives the students an opportunity to breathe some fresh air at the start and end of their busy day. The residence is a wonderful combination of new and old architecture. The specially trained residence staff are friendly, caring and take their responsibilities of providing a comfortable and safe home away from home for each student very seriously. They respect the special and specific needs of each student and work diligently to ensure they are met.

The students can relax and socialize in the games room before and after homework is completed. They can enjoy some time alone playing one of their favorite instruments in the music room, or spend time with friends in the lounge area of their floor where they can watch TV, make a snack, chat and play a board game. The residence is wi-fi enabled.

Students take their meals on site at either the Celia Franca Centre or the residence dining hall, Currie Hall

Safety & Security

As part of NBS' security system, all staff and students are provided with security access cards, which grant access to the Celia Franca Centre as well as designated areas within the School's Jarvis Street campus. All NBS buildings are monitored by 24 hour security personnel and all visitors are required to sign in at the reception area. The School facilities have been constructed in accordance with the Ontario Building Code and are inspected regularly by the City of Toronto.