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Student Council

The NBS Student Council is comprised of  student representatives from grades 11 and 12 who are elected by their peers. It provides the main forum for discussing student concerns and ideas. Participation in the Council provides students with an opportunity to develop leadership skills while enhancing co-curricular life. Additionally, it offers students the opportunity to interact with one another, faculty, staff and administrators.

The NBS Student Council meets bi-weekly and is responsible for representing and serving the needs of the student body including co-ordinating student activities by:

  • enhancing and promoting school spirit

  • representing the student body at any internal and external event

  • co-operating, maintaining and supporting the concept and expectations of NBS

  • co-ordinating and encouraging all student activities within the scope of NBS Student Council

  • working with the administration in all matters affecting the welfare of the student body

  • establishing reasonable standards for recognition of all organizations on campus

  • stimulating and developing good citizenship and democracy among students

  • encouraging social development through participation in campus life

  • encouraging leadership through service

  • presenting a positive role model for all students

Nexus Council

The Nexus Council is an important leadership opportunity for students in Grades 9–12 and PSP. A cross-generational NBS committee consisting of staff, parents, and students, its purpose is to gather ideas and feedback from peers in order to inspire improvements which will strengthen programs, support systems, communication, and communal space to ensure NBS’s short- and long-term evolution.

The Nexus Council is not intended to affect the responsibilities of the Student Council. Generally, Nexus focuses on broader strategic issues regarding the School, while the Student Council focuses on more immediate projects affecting student life. The Student Council President is always an ex-officio member of Nexus. The Nexus Council played a vital role in the planning of AssemblĂ©e International and The Creative Challenge. This year’s accomplishments include the recent production of the Internet Safety Video.

The students, two each from grades 9 - 12 + PSP are selected from volunteers by the Artistic Director. The term is two years. There is one parent representative, and one each from the academic and residence staff, along with the Artistic Director.