NBS' Ideas Exchange

Canada's National Ballet School’s Annual Ideas Exchange for Dance Teachers

For more than 60 years, Canada's National Ballet School (NBS) has been at the forefront of pushing the envelope and evolving pedagogical approaches to dance and ballet training. At this year’s Ideas Exchange, participants will learn how dance teaching can evolve through the integration of the best in classical ballet training methods, the latest advances in the research and science of movement, and tools from other movement disciplines (like Gaga Movement classes and Iyengar Yoga training). NBS will also share how its progressive and unique approach to excellence in training translates to engaging a broader population in dance.
Workshop highlights:
  • Engage in pedagogical seminars on Community Dance and how it can enrich studio best practices, followed by experiential learning and observation
  • Integrate conditioning in creative ways: Floor barre, yoga
  • Inspire artistic development in dancers

Daily schedule will include dance and movement workshops, ballet class observations, lectures and discussions, experiential learning and engagement.

All Participants are eligible to receive credit towards annual Continuing Professional Development 
Number of contact hours: 

  • 20-24 hours of  observations (RAD members - eligible for Independent hours in blocks of 2 hours per day)
  • 8 hours of active participation (RAD members - eligible for 8 Time Valued hours

NBS' Ideas Exchange

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