Photos by: Lisa Fleischmann

NBS staff are doubly blessed with great facilities and the opportunity to fully explore them. In 2010, Betty Tate-Pineau, NBS' Conditioning Coordinator created two cardiovascular training protocols to take staff through their paces. One afternoon saw staff performing a variety of "protocols" Tate-Pineau developed on the set of staircases by the back entranceway.

The stairs extend to the 6th floor and the protocols involved climbing, running and jumping up them multiple times. As a cardio work-out, it was a killer, but the protocols were geared to each staff's level of fitness and were easily amended to accommodate everyone interested in increasing their cardio capabilities. Another afternoon's session involved a conditioning routine in NBS' pool and attracted a dedicated band of staff participants.

Tate-Pineau spent her time at NBS dedicated to assisting the students develop their conditioning, but equally enjoyed working with the staff. "I really enjoyed the cardio program that Betty created. Betty's encouragement made all the difference in keeping us energized, motivated and coming back each week." says Veronica Warren, from the HR department.

Betty Tate-Pineau passed away in early 2017, but her legacy lives on in the many students and staff she worked with during her more than 25 years at NBS.

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