Baycrest NBS Sharing Dance Seniors

Baycrest NBS Sharing Dance Seniors

Sharing Dance Seniors Level 1

Developed by Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS) and Baycrest, Sharing Dance Seniors is a safe and accessible dance program that engages older adults in meaningful dance activity that aims to enhance physical, cognitive and overall health and well-being. There are currently two levels of the Baycrest NBS Sharing Dance Seniors program.

What is Sharing Dance Seniors Level 1?

  • Classes are 45 minutes and designed to be accessible for people with significant physical and/or cognitive challenges
  • Classes are danced entirely from a seated position
  • Classes are creative and incorporate a variety of musical and dance styles

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Current Pilot of Level 1

Baycrest NBS Sharing Dance Seniors is currently in the pilot stage of delivering Level 1 classes to communities in Brandon, Manitoba. The pilot utilises video streaming technology to beam NBS’ expert instruction directly to community sites – without the instructors ever leaving NBS’ campus in Toronto.

The pilot program is part of a research project being led by researchers at Trent University and Brandon University.

Following completion of this pilot phase, Level 1 of the Baycrest NBS Sharing Dance Seniors program should be available to launch in your community in the fall of 2019! 

     Brandon University

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