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Ethel Woods

NBS fondly remembers Ethel Woods. A member of NBS’ community of supporters for over 30 years, Ethel made generous contributions to the School through annual fundraising initiatives. Ethel is also remembered for attending many donor events. NBS is extremely fortunate to have been part of Ethel’s life. 

Ronald Youd

NBS fondly remembers Ronald Youd. Ronald, and his wife Sandra, have been members of NBS’s community of supporters for over 20 years and were also active members with Dancing with Parkinson’s (DWP) classes and community. Ronald brought great energy and a warm smile to everyone he met and will be remembered for many of the ways he was involved at NBS including to help to bring public awareness to DWP programs by dancing in a live demonstration at Union Station as part of the Fall for Dance North’s community outreach.  A generous supporter and regular audience member, Ronald attended just about every performance and NBS event in the last few years and encouraged all the dancers in the NBS Community. NBS is extremely fortunate to have been part of Ronald’s life.