Students make a statement with ArtWear 2022-2023

Presenting sculptural, wearable art by our own Professional Ballet-Academic Program students!

Last month to kick off the school year, Grade 11 and 12 art students from the Professional Ballet-Academic Program presented ArtWear 2022-2023, a student fashion show featuring sculptural wearable art projects. The students were challenged to create their projects from any materials except fabric, encouraging their individual creativity, ingenuity, and imagination. 


The wearable art projects explored a range of themes from climate change and fake news, to women's rights and body image in the ballet world, through both the designs and the materials utilized. The show featured a total of 25 projects that transformed common items like paint chips, caution tape, newspaper, plastic bags, and more into symbolic wearable art pieces.


The students themselves modelled each other's impressive art projects as they strut down the runway, cheering each other on and receiving a standing ovation from the enthusiastic audience in Mona Campbell Square. Take a look at the student's work in the short video below!



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Students make a statement with ArtWear 2022-2023