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Welcome to ADP!

Watch this video to get a better understanding of your role as an Adaptive Dance Program volunteer at NBS.

Équipement de programme Danse adapté de l’ÉNB

Volunteer Handbook

Please click below to review the 2023-2024 Volunteer Handbook.

Volunteer in Adaptive Dance program

Learning About Sensory Needs

Click below to review the training document to learn how our sense impact self-regulation.


Guidelines for Volunteers

Please click below to access the guidelines for our volunteers.


Volunteer Quick Tips

Take a look through these quick tips to help you in your role as an ADP Volunteer.

Training Series 1

Click below to watch the training videos for series 1.

Training Series 2

Click below to watch the training videos for series 2.

Visual Schedule

Zones of Regulation

Big Feelings Chart

Knowledge Reflection

Knowledge Reflection

Before you complete the following reflection make sure you have reviewed/watched the following documents and videos found on the volunteer login page:


  1. You have watched the Welcome to ADP Video

  2. You have reviewed the Volunteer Handbook 

  3. You have reviewed the document "Learning about Sensory Needs"

  4. You have reviewed the document “Volunteer Guidelines”

  5. You have reviewed the document “Volunteer Quick Tips”

  6. You have watched Training Series 1

  7. You have watched training Series 2 



If you have completed the above, please complete this short Knowledge Reflection as the final step in your online training.