Nancy Lehan

Community Dance Specialist and Manager of Adaptive and Integrated Programs

Nancy Lehan is a Community Dance Specialist and the Manager of Adaptive and Integrated Programs at Canada’s National Ballet School (NBS). She is a graduate of NBS' Teacher Training (Dip) Program and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Dance Education with The University Bath and the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD). As a registered ballet teacher with the RAD and full-time faculty member at NBS, Nancy has extensive experience developing and leading dance classes for people of all ages and abilities and has taught in a variety of the school's community, recreational and post secondary programs. As a professional dance educator, Nancy specializes in programming for children with diverse physical, cognitive and developmental needs.


Fun facts about me: 

Favourite travel destination: London, England


Go-to takeout meal: Ramen


Movie/TV character you relate to: Mary Poppins