A dancer leaps across the stage during NBS' Spring Showcase

Train & Develop

A Dance Education Like No Other

At NBS, our professional training programs share ballet expertise through Olympic-calibre training and holistic preparation of young dancers for careers on the world stage. With a track record of success in training teachers, ballet masters and artistic directors, our teacher training alumni hold posts in studios, schools and companies across Canada and around globe.


From courses and conferences to seminars and symposiums, we also provide opportunities that foster learning, growth and professional development for young leaders and dance educators who may be looking to update their skills or dive deeper on innovations in ballet and dance. Through our range of professional training programs, we will support in building on your dreams and aspirations to take you to the heights of your talent.  

Programs for Aspiring Dancers

Professional Ballet-Academic Program

Prepare for a career on the world stage! As the only school in North America to offer Olympic-calibre dance training, academic instruction and residential care all on one campus, the Professional Ballet-Academic Program is home to students in grades 6 to 12 from across Canada and around the world.

Company Life Program

Take a step into the professional dance world! The Company Life Program concentrates on the refinement of skills and the professional development of a dancer after their completion of academic high school. We provide a supportive and flexible transition from completion of training to full-time professional practice.

Young Dancers Program

Grow your talent, passion, and life-long love of dance in our part-time Young Dancers Program. Enjoy a warm and supportive environment and strong sense of community in these after-school and weekend classes for dancers ages 5-17.

Teacher Training and Professional Development

Teacher Training Program

Teach and inspire the next generation of dancers! The Teacher Training Program is a world-renowned program that prepares teachers to inspire dancers of all ages, abilities and aspirations. One hundred percent of students secure a job upon completion of the Program.

Part-Time Courses for Dance Teachers

Enrich your dance teaching education! Our part-time Professional Development Program offers dance teachers the opportunity to augment their experience, enhance their skills and add to their teaching qualifications.

Educator Courses and Resources

Bring the joy of dance to your classroom! Our online educator resources and courses will support you in sharing the benefits and power of dance with your students and meeting your curriculum requirements.