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In June 2024, Canada's National Ballet School’s (NBS) Artistic Director and CEO, Mavis Staines, will retire after over 35 years of inspiring leadership.


As we begin the final year of Mavis’ leadership, we’re bringing together the NBS community—donors, graduates, students, staff, and collaborators—to celebrate the past dreams we’ve achieved together, and secure every future dream at NBS

Join us as we DREAM BIG!

Why We Need Your Support

At Canada’s National Ballet School, we are working to share the transformative power of dance across the country. And with your support, we can open doors for people of all ages, abilities and aspirations to discover learning and leadership, well-being and connection, remarkable creativity and so much more—all through dance.


Dance for Kids

By supporting NBS, you are helping to provide dance programming to children in hundreds of classrooms across Canada, giving them the opportunity to discover how dance creates engaging learning opportunities across subject areas.

Professional Ballet Training

Your support will help NBS provide Olympic-calibre training and financial assistance to students in professional training programs, giving students the opportunity to pursue their dreams while building the future of ballet and dance.

Dance for Older Adults

With your donation to NBS, you are helping us empower older adults through dance with our Sharing Dance Older Adults app and the Sharing Dance Parkinson’s Program (freely available thanks to the generosity of our donors).

Kids dancing at NBS Sharing Dance Day

The Impact of Your Support

At Canada’s National Ballet School, we believe in making the opportunities of dance more accessible and inclusive for people of all ages, abilities and aspirations.


Dance is one of the most powerful, yet underutilized tools across all spectrums of society. A diverse and moving art form, it is also a universal activity that improves health and quality of life, and helps us express ourselves, tell stories and share culture through movement.

Learn more about your impact with our Year in Review and see how your donation helps thousands of Canadians experience the power of dance.


The Fu Arnold Family

Meet Sidney, Ruben, Jonah, Angela, and Yu Rong–one family, spanning three generations with dance and NBS at its heart. They dance in different ways with different aspirations, but together they are discovering how the art form builds connection in their community.

Photograph of Erica in ballet pose

Erica Horwood, Professional Ballet Program

As a dancer, NBS gave me an incredible amount of support. I got to train with world-class teachers in so many styles…I got a lot of opportunities right from the get-go after NBS, and I think that’s because the training I received there was so diverse.

Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo, Adult Ballet Student

I could not have imagined the supportive community that I would be part of in this program—seeing people of all backgrounds being part of the classes and building friendships together feels so important.

Caitlin in a dramatic ballet pose

Caitlin, Teacher Training Program

Dancing has always been an outlet for me, but my experience in the Teacher Training Program and with NBS Sharing Dance showed me that I can use dance to do more for my community. It gave me a new sense of belonging, a sense of being a whole person.


Camryn, Professional Ballet Program

Dance has opened the door for new opportunities and possibilities. Without it, I wouldn’t be where I am today, achieving my dreams and goals.

Dancing Opens Doors

How has dance opened doors in your life?

Watch dancers from NBS' community speak about the impact dance has had on their lives—sharing their stories about the connection, joy, confidence, and artistry dance inspires.

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