Lozinski Centre for Community Dance

Lozinski Centre for Community Dance

About the Lozinski Centre for Community Dance

Through a visionary gift from Joan and Jerry Lozinski, the Lozinski Centre for Community Dance at Canada’s National Ballet School empowers Canadians of all ages, abilities and aspirations to embrace the joy and benefits of dance.

Bringing together NBS’ programming streams that drive engagement across the full spectrum of society, the Centre significantly increases access to dance programs for many Canadians who may have never before experienced the transformative impact of dance.
For kids, dance enhances fundamental movement skills, inspires creativity, and improves mental and emotional well-being. With in-person and video streaming delivery models, NBS engages older adults to be more active, socially connected and confident through the artistic expression of dance. The community engagement programs of NBS’ Lozinski Centre also create pathways and opportunities for talented kids who may face barriers to professional training.
While not a physical space, the creation of this landmark Centre directly fosters and enables further development, evolution and expansion of the following activities across Canada:

  • Dynamic bilingual online resources offered to more schools and community centres

  • Increased delivery of in-person and online programs in underserved areas

  • Programs for older adults – at home, in community spaces and long-term care

  • Growth of specialized leadership programs for young women aged 16-25

  • Multi-sectoral partnerships in sport, health and technology

  • Continued collaborations with a culturally diverse range of community artists

  • Increased capacity for research and evaluation

Thanks to the support of Joan and Jerry Lozinski, Canada’s National Ballet School’s community dance initiatives include:

Sharing Dance Older Adults

Empowering older adults through the artistic expression of dance for physical, emotional and social benefits.

NBS Online Resources

Sharing NBS’ teaching excellence and expertise through technology and a full suite of online resources.

NBS Sharing Dance

Celebrating community dance through a family-friendly, nation-wide dance festival.

Sharing Dance Parkinson’s

This program is specially designed to make dance accessible to people living with Parkinson's disease (PD).


NBS' LEAD program empowers participants, aged 16-25, who identify as women, non-binary, two-spirit and/or genderqueer, to make a positive impact in their communities through dance.

Adaptive Dance Program

The Adaptive Dance Program offers adapted creative movement classes for children ages 4+ with diverse cognitive, physical and developmental needs.

Photo of Jerry & Joan Lonzinski

Over the course of their lives, Joan and Jerry Lozinski have been two of Canada’s most active and generous volunteers, philanthropists and advocates for the arts.

Both have served on NBS Boards and various committees for the School. They have been active and generous donors for many years and, in 2013, provided the essential seed funding to grow NBS’ community dance activities from local initiatives that reached hundreds of participants to national programs that engage many tens of thousands annually.