Training for a Career on the World Stage

As the only school in North America to offer Olympic-calibre dance training, academic instruction and residential care all on one campus, our Professional Ballet-Academic Program is home to students in grades 6 to 12 from across Canada and around the world.


Our progressive dance curriculum, with an emphasis on the student’s physical and emotional well-being, is what has put NBS at the forefront of dance training internationally.

Our dance training pedagogy is unique to NBS, integrating elements from the best in progressive and acclaimed classical ballet training methods, contemporary dance and the latest advances in the science of movement. With the priority and values of equity, diversity and inclusion embedded within the culture of our organization, our students develop as both talented dancers and as engaged citizens.

Grade 6-12 students take classes in contemporary repertoire and technique, improvisation, drama and expression, historical/character dance and anatomy, as well as ballet classes focusing on variations, repertoire, pas de deux and more. Our dance program is further enhanced through internationally-renowned guest teachers with expertise in ballet and other dance forms.

What students can expect in the Professional Ballet-Academic Program:

  • Dance training interwoven with academic studies each day.

  • An academic year running from September to June.

  • For daily ballet training, students can spend between 2-4 hours in the dance studio daily. During our annual summer school program, this can increase to 3-5 hours.

  • Senior grades will have opportunities for unique exchange programs with our affiliation network of 24 international partner schools.

  • Performance opportunities throughout the year, including opportunities for junior students to perform in The National Ballet of Canada's The Nutcracker.

Register for an audition (in-person or online)

Register for an audition (in-person or online)

Take the leap and audition for our Professional Ballet-Academic Program! Annual auditions take place in-person and online for dancers across Canada and worldwide.


​During their audition, all dancers will experience a class with a live musician and NBS’ renowned teachers. Prior dance training is not essential for children under 12 years of age.


The audition process takes place in two stages:


Stage One: Audition in-person or online. Students who have successfully auditioned may be invited to join Summer School, July 2-26 2024, as stage two of the audition process.

Stage Two: Attend Summer School. Students who have successfully auditioned will be invited to join the full-time Professional Ballet Program for the 2024/25 school year.


If you are interested in auditioning and weren’t able to attend one of our in-person or Zoom auditions, please email to inquire about video audition submissions.


Class sizes are small, allowing for enriched learning within the classroom. Our academic teachers are highly qualified subject specialists, most of whom are Ontario Certified Teachers.

Our staff members address the varied learning styles of our students including, most significantly, the kinesthetic; dance-oriented activities are included in subjects when the opportunity arises. Students follow the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum and, upon successful completion, graduate with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Although most graduates naturally go on to dance professionally, we ensure that our students are prepared for university and careers beyond dance.

Health & Safety

We are committed to developing confident, self-aware dancers capable of fully exploring their artistic potential. We continue to pioneer the use of health professionals to support this goal.

Our on-site specialists include nurse practitioners, physiotherapists, psychiatrists, social workers and nutritionists; consultants are also available to individual students upon request. For resident students, a pediatrician is on call and consulted as needed. All of our buildings are monitored by 24-hour security personnel and all visitors are required to sign in at the reception area. The school facilities have been constructed in accordance with the Ontario Building Code and are inspected regularly by the City of Toronto.

Student Life

For Day Students and Boarding Students alike, life at NBS offers both the fulfilling experience of being in a thriving educational environment alongside key leadership opportunities.

From Student Council to the yearbook committee, art fashion show to performances and assemblies, candy grams and other fundraisers to school dances and picnics and more, the student life experience at NBS is both rich and abundant. In addition, students often sit on planning committees with our staff to bring their voices and participation to events that engage a broader audience of stakeholders and supporters. They also join their peers from ballet schools around the world to help drive decision-making for key international initiatives such as Assemblée Internationale, World Ballet School Day and more.


Student Exchanges

With a network of 24 partner schools from Montreal to Winnipeg, New York, Australia, Germany and beyond, NBS students have the opportunity to experience the best of the dance world through exchange!

At NBS, we strongly believe that training experience in other professional ballet schools and exposure to different teaching styles broadens a student's dancing and performance skills. Our senior students are encouraged to spend at least one summer school abroad, studying ballet at one of our international partner schools. The experience enhances their dance knowledge, exposes them to other dance teachers and helps keep the global dance community network thriving!

Ballet Staff

To their teaching, our staff bring a love of dance, years of experience and training expertise honed through professional dance experience and/or continuing professional development.

From garnering their own experiences on the world stage to honing their dance teaching skills through the Teacher Training Program at NBS, our ballet teachers are excellent at what they do while modeling lifelong learning for their students. Our ballet teachers are at the forefront of our student-first values, and lead the charge on innovation and evolution of ballet training art form.


Get to know our ballet staff

Living in Residence

NBS is the only school in North America to provide residence, dance training and academics all on the same campus. NBS students who live in residence experience a wonderful combination of new and old architecture. Our main residence building is on Maitland Street, and our students take their meals on site at either the Celia Franca Centre or in the residence dining hall at Currie Hall.


Our specially trained residence staff are friendly and caring, and take their responsibilities very seriously. They respect the special and specific needs of each student and work diligently to ensure a comfortable and safe home away from home for each of our students.


NBS residence students can relax and socialize in the games room before and after their homework is completed. They can enjoy some alone time playing one of their favorite instruments in the music room, or they can spend time with friends in the lounge area of their floor where they can also watch TV, make a snack, chat and play board games. The NBS residence is Wi-Fi enabled.

The state-of-the-art Celia Franca Centre

Student residence is a relaxing home away from home

Academic classes take place in the same building as all dance training classes

Erin Miller, Parent

“I couldn’t have asked for a better fit or a better program for my son. I’m so glad that he’s there, because he’s safe and he’s taken care of, and he’s getting the training that he needs. Most importantly, he’s becoming this amazing human being, and he’s really able to bloom at NBS.”

Jane Park, Student

“I’ve always thought of NBS to be supportive, but when the lockdown happened because of Covid, they showed more support than ever before. Because they stayed connected with the students and with the parents, they helped us to stay resilient.”

Johan Persson, Alumnus

“What wasn’t obvious during my time at NBS was the effect my schooling would have on my second career. There are skills that are transferable from a dance education to the role of photographer [such as] persistence, discipline, hard work and professionalism."

Fees and Financial Assistance

Canada's National Ballet School is a publicly-subsidized professional training institution. For most programs, the School charges tuition fees which cover only a portion of the real costs.

Full-Time Fees
For students in grades 6 to 11, full-time fees for both tuition and residence are based on the school year (September to July); tuition and residence fees for July Summer School are included. Various options are available for the payment of fees. Where payment has been approved in installments, post-dated cheques must be provided to the School according to the student's individual fee contract.

International Students
All international students require a Study Permit for courses longer than six months in length.  For information about acquiring a Study Permit please visit the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website.

Financial Assistance
Since its inception, NBS' policy is to accept students solely on the basis of talent, with efforts focused on ensuring that families' financial circumstances are not a barrier for any eligible student to attend. Assistance is available to all students in the full-time Professional Ballet Program—i.e. Gr. 6-12 and the Post-Secondary Program. Families wishing to apply for financial assistance must complete a detailed application and all requests are individually evaluated on the basis of each family's particular needs

*Additional fees for all students include $100 for Registration, $16 for Accident Insurance, and $80 for yearbook. International students will also pay an additional $630 for Elite Health Insurance. The fee for Elite Health Insurance can be waived with proof of private health insurance coverage. These amounts are subject to change.


Day Students

Boarding Students

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International Students



*Summer School will take place July 2 – 26, 2024. An additional $4 will be added for Accident Insurance for all students, and an additional $60 for Elite Health Insurance will be added to International student fees. This amount is subject to change. The fee for Elite Health Insurance can be waived with proof of private health insurance coverage.


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