Empowering a Love of Dance

Since 1959, NBS’ pursuit of programming excellence has constantly revealed the life-changing impact of dance. This knowledge is rooted in our commitment to making dance a part of all Canadians’ lives, and in the values that shape our vision and mission to make dance integral to healthy communities and an inclusive, thriving culture of ballet.


Programming Excellence

Transform lives for the better by sharing excellence.


Invest in equity-informed systemic change for a vibrant future of ballet.

Engage and Enable

Ensure broad awareness and increase access to participation in dance. Optimize people, spaces and funding to sustain dynamic growth.

Programming Excellence, Access and Inclusion

For more than 60 years, our progressive ballet curriculum has consistently articulated a future for ballet that is more relevant, compelling and accessible than ever before. Through this innovation, we are global leaders in ballet training, upholding standards and integrity for everyone—from the Olympic-calibre dancer training for a professional ballet career on the world stage to the young child or older adult who may be embracing the joy of dance for the first time—to count on excellence in training and programming practices at NBS.


In an increasingly interconnected, complex and challenging world, it is vital that we continue this dynamic evolution; anticipating and meeting the needs of tomorrow’s ballet artists; working with boldness, creativity and transparency to redefine excellence in ballet training; providing students with a holistic education that fosters a resilient sense of belonging, equipping them with the tools they need to flourish in the art of ballet and  beyond.


At the core of this imperative is our commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion, acknowledging the historical and contemporary failings of our art form and identifying and eliminating practices that have led to persistent, systemic inequities. We commit to honouring and celebrating the unique, intersectional identities of each of our community members while striving towards a culture of humility, integrity and respect.

Dance transcends boundaries and strengthens community. We know that when we bring dance into our lives, we are healthier, happier and more socially connected. This is what drives our continued investment in diverse, evidence-informed programs across Canada; creating conditions that support people of all ages and states of health in the life-changing benefits of dance.

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Centering Equity

We are committed to eliminating practices that have led to persistent, systemic inequities in ballet.

Kids dancing and exploring in community dance class

Engaging Canadians

The Lozinski Centre for Community Dance at NBS empowers all Canadians to embrace dance.

Students having a snowball fight outside of Currie Hall

Our History

An interactive timeline of over 60 years of Canada's National Ballet School.