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Young Dancers Program

Young Dancers Program

In a warm and supportive environment, with a focus on health and well-being, our Young Dancers Program is about cultivating talent, passion, and a life-long love for ballet and dance!

The NBS Young Dancers Program has grown and evolved through the experience of teaching our part-time dance programs to children and youth. Formerly known as the Associates Program, this part-time ballet and dance program is designed specifically for children and youth ages 5-17 who live in the greater Toronto area.

This renewed program now offers two streams of programming – Intensive Ballet and Open Dance – which allows each student to choose the pathway that suits them best! Providing a wider spectrum of opportunities to dance, so that every young person feels a true sense of belonging at NBS, the Young Dancers Program continues to be a warm, supportive environment; it provides lasting foundations for physical and artistic engagement, as well as social and emotional development using a holistic, innovative curriculum created by our expert teachers.


Our Young Dancers Program offers:

  • After school and weekend classes from mid-September to early June for dancers ages 5-17. 

  • Summer programming options.

  • Opportunities to explore a range of dance forms including ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop and more.

  • Exceptional facilities at Canada’s National Ballet School’s campus in Toronto.

  • High-calibre dance educators.

  • Beautiful live accompaniment for all ballet classes.

  • ​Curriculum founded on the same principles of NBS’ internationally recognized Professional Ballet-Academic Program.

In the Young Dancers Program, all students will have the opportunity to explore their passion and potential in a warm and supportive environment. Dancers can move between streams, based on their developing goals and interests

Open Dance stream

This stream is for dancers ages 5-17 who seek flexibility in time commitment and dance genre. No audition is required.

Intensive Ballet stream

This stream is for dancers ages 9-17 who seek structured ballet training. Audition or invitation is required.

Financial Assistance

We believe that dance education should be accessible to all members of our community and welcome you to read about financial assistance.

What's unique about the Young Dancers Program?

Performance opportunities, including the Nutcracker

Students in the Young Dancers Program experience unforgettable opportunities to perform at NBS’ Betty Oliphant Theatre and at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts in The National Ballet of Canada’s The Nutcracker and other productions.


"I think my years at the School set up a really good expectation of what sport was going to be like. The performance aspect is something I think about a lot because I had done big shows at the Four Seasons when I was really young. I always get asked how it felt when I went to my first X Games or at the Olympics, when you’re on the world stage, people are watching you, and I think that doing those big performances really helped me."

- Rachael Karker, Olympian and YDP Alumni

World-Class Facilities

Students experience the exceptional facilities at NBS’ campus in downtown Toronto. Large world-class studio spaces give young dancers a bright, airy, and safe place to explore their movement. The three storey atrium at the heart of the Celia Franca Centre is called Mona Campbell Square. It serves as a café and gathering place for the school, and a comfortable space for families to relax between classes. 


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Exceptional Instruction

Our exceptional dance educators will help your young dancer discover and explore their love of movement. With expertise in a range of dance forms, our teachers bring years of experience, and their own passion for dance into the studio. 


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