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Artistic Health Department

Supporting student health and wellbeing

To help maximize students’ potential and support student health and wellbeing, NBS’ Artistic Health Department provides students with integrated onsite health and training services and coordinates access to external specialists.


Onsite Services

  • Nurse Practitioner, Natalie Puccio

  • Physiotherapist, Kiah Brubacher-Cressman

  • Athletic Therapist and Conditioning Coach, Mahyar Dibaji

  • Yoga Instructor, Suzanne Takemura

  • Artistic Health Coordinator, Emma Wilkinson

  • Artistic Health Manager, Rachel Bar, Director Research and Health


External Services

  • Podiatrist, Dr. Nicholas Durand

  • Sport Physician, Dr. Jim Niu

  • Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. David Wasserstein

  • Registered Dietitian & Sport Nutritionist, Melissa Kazan

  • Mental Health Consultants:

    • Katie Isbister

    • Jaimie Tapper

    • Toronto Psychology and Wellness Group