We’re all dancers! Dance is a universal activity; in all of its forms and styles, dancers express themselves, tell stories and share culture through movement. NBS' Community Dance programs improve health and quality of life for people of all ages and abilities. Whether you are interested in taking a class or exploring our online resources to help provide or facilitate a class, get ready to experience the pure joy of dance. No previous dance experience required!

NBS Sharing Dance Choreography

Learn the 2020 NBS Sharing Dance Choreography

The 2020 NBS Sharing Dance choreography is here! Learn this year's choreography by Jera Wolfe and join tens of thousands of Canadians in the nation's largest celebration of the power of dance.

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Discover the Benefits of Dance for Kids

NBS Kids empowers teachers and community programmers to teach and deliver dance with comprehensive tools that help kids be healthy, active and artistically engaged.

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Share the Joy of Dance With Seniors

Through in-person and video streaming delivery, NBS empowers seniors across Canada to be more active, socially connected and confident through the artistic expression of dance.

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NBS Sharing Dance Parkinson's

Share Dance with People with Parkinson's

Dance can change lives! NBS Sharing Dance Parkinson's offers free dance classes specifically designed for people with Parkinson's Disease. Come dance with us, be part of an incredible community, and discover the physical, emotional and social benefits of dance.

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Community Dance Online Resources

Access all of NBS' Community Dance online resources in one place - resources for kids, seniors, and more! If you already have an account, click below. If you want to learn more about NBS' Community Dance programs, explore the pages in the navigation on the left.