Baycrest NBS Sharing Dance older adults

Baycrest NBS Sharing Dance Older Adults Community Classes

Bring a Sharing Dance Older Adults class to your community through the power of technology!

Developed by Baycrest and Canada’s National Ballet School, Sharing Dance Older Adults empowers organizations in a range of settings to engage their community through dance. Through stream-able videos, older adults can participate in high-quality dance programming that supports physical, emotional and social wellbeing. 

About Community Classes

How are classes delivered?

  • An instructor from Canada’s National Ballet School teaches the classes via video streaming from the studio in Toronto
  • Stream on-demand classes online or through our new app on a range of devices
  • Classes are approximately 45 minutes in length and designed to be adaptable to meet physical and cognitive challenges
  • Classes feature live musical accompaniment
  • Choreography and music selection targets wellness through meaningful engagement, and creative self-expression
  • No dance experience is required

Program Benefits

  • Aims to support overall physical, emotional and social wellbeing through dance engagement
  • Focus on community building and social interaction; fosters meaningful interaction between programming staff and older adults
  • Aims to build and develop independence and confidence in dance movement for older adults with varying levels of physical and cognitive abilities
  • Use of video-streaming technology maintains high calibre of program content delivery by NBS dance experts and ensures consistency and quality

Facilitator Role and Technical Support

  • Classes are designed to have a facilitator present in the room for each class, to manage set-up, monitor participant safety and engagement with the video program, as well as provide streamlined, helpful feedback utilized by the program delivery team
  • A staff member from your site receives training to support the set up and running of the program
  • A training course approximately 30 minutes in length is available for facilitators to complete online

Communications and Marketing Support

  • Sample materials available to advertise the program internally


Summer 2021 Packages

The Summer 2021 term package is now available for purchase!

Summer 2021 • In Your Seat
Designed to be accessible for people with moderate to significant physical and/or cognitive challenges, this class is danced entirely in a seated position.

The Summer 2021 Community Class package includes:
  • Eight In Your Seat Community Classes and access to six In Your Seat Dance at Home videos
Access to an online facilitator training course approximately 30 minutes in length

Purchase now



What participants are saying about Sharing Dance Older Adults

"You don’t have to have any dance experience. As long as you want to move to music, everyone and anyone is welcome."
Dorothy “Dot”, Participant over 90 years of age

"Some of the participants are more reserved and especially one does not like to come to activity programs … She is probably the most active member in our dance class at this time and smiles the whole time through. Her comment, when [the class] was done, was that she cannot wait for next week. Thank you."
Marsha, Onsite Facilitator

"The participants absolutely love it! The one gentleman in our class said, ‘This is the most fun I have had in a long time.’ The participants can’t wait for next week – the infectious smiles and joy on the participants’ faces were wonderful. A participant hummed her way through the entire program. Amazing class! Thank you!"
Natalie, Onsite Facilitator

"I thought it was fantastic! I was so impressed by everyone’s effort and was blown away by the engagement, especially from our gentlemen!"
Sarah, Onsite Facilitator

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