Dance Education

NBS' dance training pedagogy is unique to NBS and integrates elements from the best in progressive and acclaimed classical ballet training methods, contemporary dance and the latest advances in the science of movement. In addition to ballet, students at NBS take classes in contemporary repertoire and technique, improvisation, classical Indian dance, drama and expression, historical/character dance and anatomy as well as ballet classes focusing on variations, repertoire, pas de deux and more. The dance program is further enhanced through the use of internationally-renowned guest teachers. As well, students in the senior grades are encouraged to take advantage of the exchange programs NBS has in place with its network of 24 international partner schools.

Over the years, NBS has developed a specialized and comprehensive Conditioning Program to educate students regarding their bodies and the care required to sustain the rigours of a professional dance career. This conditioning program relies on cardio work and exercise sequences. The cardio classes take place in the School's swimming pool, and the conditioning sequences, based on the work of Irene Dowd, NBS' neuromuscular consultant, are integrated into daily ballet classes.

During the academic year, which runs from September to June each year, students in the Professional Ballet Program can expect to spend between 2 and 4 hours in the dance studio daily, depending on their age.  During the annual Summer School program, that number increases to between 3 and 5, again depending on age.

NBS’ full-time academic program runs from grade 6 through grade 12. Class sizes are small, allowing for enriched learning within the classroom. Students follow the Ontario Ministry of Education curriculum and, on successful completion, graduate with the Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Although most graduates naturally go on to dance, we ensure that our students are prepared for university and careers beyond dance.