Norma Sue Fisher-Stitt, Class of 1970 (2023)

Norma Sue Fisher-Stitt is one of 2023's recipients of the Ken McCarter Award for Distinguished NBS Alumni. Throughout her career as a teacher, author and researcher, Norma Sue has both helped preserve Canada’s unique dance history and explored innovative new ways to share the art form.

“My years at NBS are the absolute foundation of everything I’ve done,” she says. “There are so many personal qualities that are so crucial to success in any field that my years at NBS really instilled in me or made me understand the value of: respecting others, respecting yourself as well, but also resilience.”


From early on in her studies at York University, Norma Sue developed a keen interest in how dance is taught. She championed innovative approaches to improving how we support dance students on their learning journeys, including through early explorations of using digital technology. She emphasizes that dance education and pedagogy is always evolving.


She sees that NBS itself has evolved, too, and encourages alumni from around the world to keep in touch. “It’s a very special place. I always love going back to the School and seeing how it’s changed – it’s amazing to me how much it’s grown, and it’s wonderful!” she says.


“I would just encourage all alumni to come to alumni events and go back to the School. Just be open to all the ways the School has changed, and also to keeping in touch with all your colleagues that you grew up with.


Norma Sue’s advice for current NBS students: Maintaining your confidence in yourself and believing in yourself is so important. In the end, if you follow your path and you have a commitment, things will work out for you. I firmly believe that.