YDP - Open Dance 

Explore movement and freedom of expression through the Open Dance stream! This stream of part-time programming offers flexibility for young dancers ages 5-17, both in time commitment and genres of dance offered. With emphasis on nurturing a love for dance, students can customize their classes to suit their schedules and interests. No audition is required for entry to the Open Dance Stream.

Dancers will experience:

  • The incredible social, physical, and benefits of dance that will set young dancers up for success in all areas of life
  • Opportunities to explore a range of dance forms including ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop and more
  • Customizable schedules to suit each student’s time commitment and interests
  • Exceptional facilities at Canada’s National Ballet School’s campus in Toronto
  • High-calibre dance educators with expertise in a range of dance forms
  • ​Beautiful live accompaniment in all ballet classes

Registration for the 2022/23 year will begin this Summer. Share your thoughts or join our contact list by clicking the below links. 

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