A Segue to the Professional Dance World

Today’s professional ballet dancers are expected to be more versatile and adept at managing their own professional development than at any other point in ballet’s history. Our Company Life Program concentrates on the refinement of skills and the professional development of a dancer after their completion of academic high school. We provide a supportive and flexible transition from completion of training to full-time professional practice. 

Through the Company Life Program, we provide students the opportunity to experience the intensity and rigours of life in a dance company while still within the supportive environment of an educational program.

The primary difference between the life of a dance student and the life of a professional dancer in a company is the intensity of the rehearsal and performance schedules. Not only do dancers in a company spend many more hours a day rehearsing and performing, they are also expected to pick up new choreography quickly and are often called upon to rehearse several works at once. In addition to physical endurance, this requires significant mental stamina. Dancers must learn to manage their time and energy while taking full responsibility for their professionalism.

By mirroring the demands of professional company life, students can explore who they are as artists while receiving educational support.

Highlights of the Company Life Program

Throughout the school year, our Company Life Program students will:

  • Follow a program of intensive daily training in the morning, followed by rehearsals and/or performances in the afternoon and evening. 
  • Train with and be coached by professionals from across the industry in order to gain exposure to the wide variety of dance styles and approaches they will encounter in the professional world. 
  • Develop time management skills.
  • Perform for live audiences in the Betty Oliphant Theatre.
  • Have opportunities to participate in performances with the National Ballet of Canada.
  • Be guided in their career planning process and receive support in developing professional materials for their audition portfolios.

This full-time program runs from September to July. Attendance at Summer School is mandatory, except for students selected by the ballet faculty to participate in NBS’ Student Exchange Program. 

Who can apply: Graduates of our own Professional Ballet-Academic Program, as well as other students with a high school diploma who have reached an appropriately advanced level of training, may apply for this program.

Due to the limited space available in residence, students in the NBS Post-Secondary Program may be responsible for their own accommodations.