NBS Fondly Remembers

Canada's National Ballet School is honoured that so many people choose to make the School a part of their rich and inspiring lives. As a small reflection of this honour, NBS established this webpage in 2021 to share the names of those friends and supporters whose lives we have lost this year. We remember and reflect upon those no longer with us with gratitude and fondness. Thank you for spending a few moments with us here.

              June Abel                          John Ayre                           Rosemary Corbett                   Kathleen Day

          James Deacon                    Betty Douglas                         Alexei Fateev                     Maxine Goldberg

           Patricia Goss                      Arline Kettle                             Irma Lewis                          Ron Lorenson

          June Macdonald                Gerald Maunder               Anna McCowan Johnson              Sylvia Ostry

            Dawn Robb                       Arthur Scace                           James Shea                           Ada Slaight   

                                                   Joan E. Williams                        Ethel Woods

For any questions or comments, please contact Aimee Hawkins at ahawkins@nbs-enb.ca