Dancing Opens Doors Donors

Dancing Opens Doors

NBS’ Dancing Opens Doors initiative is raising funds for programs of high need and potential across all areas of NBS’ programming, making the limitless opportunities of dance more accessible and inclusive.


Through Dancing Opens Doors, the following generous donors have made an important contribution to Block Party and to The Assemblée Internationale 2023. Thank you!

Presenting Supporter

Lead Supporters

Media Sponsor

Community Champions

Inspire Supporters

Christine Chen & Rasheed Saleuddin
Sally Hannon & Howard Barton
Joanne Hing & Skylar Mahwanie
Janine & Troy Maxwell
Patricia Peruzza
Frances & Tim Price
Bob Reeves & Carolyn Blaine
Anne Soh
Andrea Stairs Krishnappa & Nini Krishnappa

General Supporters

Geoff & Tanya Alcock
James Baidacoff
Florence Sharpe Barwell
Lynn Bevan
Ann Binet
Alodie Brew
Alexandrina & Jeffrey Canto-Thaler
Judith Conacher
Carol Darling
Jeanie Davis
Rosemary & Dean Dover
Guild Electric Charitable Foundation
Curtis & Lori Link
Judith Moses & Peter Lyman
Dr. Gail Robinson CM, OOnt
Geoff. Rytell
Go Sato
Dr. Graham Smith
Elaine Solway & John Moore
Harry Underwood

*Fondly remembered