staff member CathrynGregor

Cathryn Gregor joined NBS in early 2013, having most recently held a position at Opera Lyra, Ottawa in 2012. Previously, Gregor was the Arts Investment Fund Program Officer at the Ontario Arts Council. Before that, she was Chief Operating Officer of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and Director of Transition Planning for the renovation of the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Arts, one of Toronto's seven cultural renaissance capital projects.

She worked for ten years at the Canadian Opera Company, first as Director of Music Administration, then as Administrative Director for the whole company. She has worked with Tapestry New Opera, Soundstreams Canada, the Textile Museum of Canada, Opera Atelier, the 1989 International Choral Festival, the 1985 Bach 300 Festival, and CentreStage Music.

In a volunteer capacity, Gregor was Chair of Queen of Puddings Music Theatre for nine years and a board member of Orchestras Canada and the Regent Park School of Music Foundation. She was also the Treasurer on the Board of Directors for ArtsBuild Ontario, an organization supporting the health of Ontario's arts organisations by creating and realizing long-term solutions for their facility challenges.