staff member KatieIsbister

Katie Isbister Moderator/Empowerment Through a Healthy Mindset During Dance Career

Katie Isbister is the co-chair of the consultants program at NBS and also teaches in the NBS Teacher Training Program. Katie’s background includes being the director of a children’s mental health centre , providing leadership training and coaching and directing an international counselling and wellness program in the corporate sector. Katie says that her work with the students, families and staff of NBS has been one of the most inspiring highlights of her career.  Katie believes that working with NBS students requires the integration of multiple perspectives and approaches from all members of the NBS community. Katie holds a Master’s of Social Work degree and is a graduate of the Certified Executive Coach program at Royal Road’s University.  She has a private practice in individual, couple and family therapy and is the clinical director of a children’s mental health centre in Toronto.