This update comes from a member of our Dancing with Parkinson’s program, Rob Kendrick. A participant since 2013, Rob has been writing about his experiences of what life is like for people with Parkinson's disease (PD) through a personal blog entitled “imshakydad”. He started the blog as a way to share his daily experiences with other people in the Parkinson’s community, and to generate a forum for discussion. From the beginning, it was important for him to create an honest representation of his life, and to raise awareness about the complex and ever-evolving challenges of living with PD.

As his blog grows, Rob hopes to continue expanding his audience, and to call attention to the significant role that dance can play for all members of society. As he has learned firsthand, dance can have a tremendous impact for people of all ages and abilities.

Here's an excerpt from a recent post:

We go through regular stretching, practice steps and maneuvers, dance in different configurations, to different (mostly live) music. We’re always trying something new too and, more often than not, I’m not the only one to awkwardly stumble through a routine. Yet – and here is one of the keys to the success of this program – never do you get the feeling of being embarrassed or looked down upon. It’s a supportive and reassuring group of people.

In our “Dancing with Parkinson’s” class, we are dancing together with a shared challenge – a shared purpose. When each class ends, we gather holding hands in a large circle to bid one another adieu and, though this signifies the end of the morning’s activity, it only serves to cement the shared experience we’ve just been through. Yes, we’ve been dancing together and as we pack up our things, I’m sure many are already looking forward to reassembling next week.

Read the rest of Rob’s experiences in his post, "Tiny Dancer".