The 2020 NBS Sharing Dance Choreography is the perfect way to explore creative movement and artistic expression. Learn this year's choreography by Jera Wolfe and join tens of thousands of Canadians in the nation's largest celebration of the power of dance.

About the 2020 NBS Sharing Dance Choreography

The 2020 NBS Sharing Dance Choreography explores how collaboration and support for one another enables us to arise and face challenges in our lives. It is inspired by Jera Wolfe's Arise, a moving choreographic work created for 110 of NBS' Professional Ballet/Academic Program students and performed at NBS' Spring Showcase in 2019 to sold-out audiences.

The 2020 NBS Sharing Dance Choreography is, in Jera’s words, closely “related to Arise” as it also explores the themes and ideas of overcoming obstacles and challenges in life through the support of family, friends and community.

“There will always be challenges in life,” says Jera. “I have realized that what defines me is not necessarily my failures or accomplishments, but how I rose to face them. We will all have great challenges to overcome in our own lives, everything from personal, political, to environmental. Only by collaborating, supporting and caring together will we be able to arise to face these challenges.”

The NBS Sharing Dance Choreography uses a remixed version of the music from Arise, and shares many of the same movement themes. As the inspiration for the 2020 NBS Sharing Dance Choreography, Arise continues to grow into a nationwide movement that will engage people of all ages and abilities in a variety of settings including schools, community centres, studios, homes and seniors communities.

Meet the Choreographer: Jera Wolfe

Born in Toronto, Jera Wolfe is a choreographer and performer of Métis heritage and is an Associate Artist with Red Sky Performance. His choreographic works have been presented by Canadian Stage, Fall For Dance North, Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Festival des arts de Saint-Sauveur, Danse Danse, and Jacob’s Pillow. His recent works have included Bare choreographed on Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet, Trace by Red Sky Performance, and Arise for Canada’s National Ballet School. Jera trained at Canada’s Royal Winnipeg Ballet School and has created new works for them annually since 2016. Jera’s upcoming works will include Arise, presented at Canada’s National Ballet School’s Assemblée Internationale 2020, and a new creation with Tulsa Ballet II. Recently Jera won a Dora Mavor Moore award for Outstanding Original Choreography for Trace.


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