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At NBS’ Assemblée Internationale, everyone seemed comfortable and open to share thoughts and ideas freely. I had the impression that everyone understood how refreshing and inspirational and rare a situation NBS had created for us

— Samuel Wuersten, Codarts Rotterdam, Assemblée Internationale 2017 participant

NBS is driven by a collaborative spirit. Why? Because collaboration paves the way for invaluable partnerships. It encourages a higher level of excellence. It creates initiatives with wider and deeper benefits for all involved. And in Canada, it strengthens the national arts community to a point where we can lead on the world stage.

NBS dancers in hallway


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NBS is a world leader because of the strength of our collaborations – and it starts with you. As a donor, you will open doors for innovative partnerships that have impacts far beyond NBS’ walls. As we approach our 60th year, will you support these exciting possibilities? Will you lead with us?

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