A group of girls perform a folk dance.The Associates Program allows boys and girls in the Greater Toronto Area, six to seventeen years of age, to participate in after-school and weekend dance classes from mid-September to early June. The curriculum is based on the formal ballet syllabus as developed and taught at NBS. In the first year of the program, the emphasis is on musicality and pleasure in movement; technique and artistry develop as students advance through subsequent certificate levels. Where appropriate, supplementary conditioning, historical dance/character, repertoire studies, pointe and jazz classes are also offered.

Students in the program will have an opportunity to perform in the Associates Program Closing Demonstration presented at the Betty Oliphant Theatre at Canada's National Ballet School, and to be considered for roles in the National Ballet of Canada's The Nutcracker and other productions.


The program is divided into twelve levels progressing from a Primary Level, followed by Certificate Levels I through VI and Senior Associates Levels I through V.

Class teachers are artistic faculty of Canada's National Ballet School. Teaching assistants are students in our Teacher Training Program.

Additional Dance Classes

The Associates Program supplements its ballet training by offering a range of classes in a variety of dance styles and techniques

Historical, national and character dance is the study of folk and court dances from the 16th through 19th centuries. The dances studied by students in Certificate Levels IV, V and VI provide an opportunity to learn the roots of classical ballet. In character dance, students learn a variety of national dances prepared for the stage, enhancing the students' vocabulary of movement styles.

Pointe classes augment girls' ballet training and are offered to Certificate V and VI students and Senior Associates. The goal is to ensure students dance as skillfully on pointe as when wearing soft ballet shoes.

Repertoire classes foster the students' ability to work in an ensemble by studying group dances from traditional and contemporary ballets.

Jazz classes acquaint students with the history, lineage and various forms of contemporary North American dance while enhancing the performers' versatility. 

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