April to June 2015

Senior student choreography developed during the Stephen Godfrey Choreographic Workshop may be selected to be a part of the Creative Challenge. The choreographers who works are selected are encouraged to share their processes through live streamed rehearsals.

At the end of AssemblĂ©e Internationale 2013, Canada's National Ballet School’s Artistic Director, Mavis Staines, issued a call to action, inviting students to create new choreographic works. This project was titled the Creative Challenge.

The intent of the Creative Challenge is to inspire the next generation of dance artists to create works, collaborate with other creative individuals, and present these works in non-traditional settings. It encourages students: to ask where and how can dance live outside of the theatre; and to explore ways to make ballet more accessible and meaningful in the community.

Student choreographers selected for the Creative Challenge from the SGCW are required to collaborate with an artist from another discipline and select a non-traditional venue in which their work will be performed. Related skills development honed during the projects' timeline include sourcing production requirements, creating marketing tools and seeking fundraising opportunities.

The works performed in Spring 2015 took place in museums across Toronto and were known as the Museum Suite.