Biographies of musicians at Canada’s National Ballet School

Asia Aronovich

Asia Aronovich received her musical training in the Ukraine at the Ural State Conservatory and holds a Master's degree in piano performance. She has played solo concerts in several Ukrainian cities and has been an accompanist for Canadian music competitions as well as for master classes. Asia has been on the artistic staff at NBS since 1997.

Olga Averbach

Olga Averbach received her musical training in the Ukraine at the Donetsk Music College and earned a Master's degree in piano performance at the Donetsk State Conservatory. She led a successful career as a solo pianist in the Ukraine before spending 1990–1995 in Israel, where she was an accompanist for dancers taking RAD examinations. Olga has been a musician at NBS since 2000, and also plays for ballet classes in recreational dance schools throughout Toronto.

Jill Daley

Jill Daley's career as a ballet accompanist is the culmination of her lifelong musical study and deep love for ballet. She received a Bachelor's Degree in Music Performance from the State University of New York at Buffalo, and attended graduate school at Boston University's School for the Arts. Her piano teachers include: Shirley Irek, Jonathan Bass and Roland Martin. As an accompanist, she has been a staff pianist for the Boston Ballet School, Orlando Ballet and George Brown College.

Tanya Gordon

Tanya Gordon is a graduate of the State Conservatory of Music in Gorky, Russia, graduating with a Masters' Degree in Performing Arts and History of Music and Composition.

Valentina Gurovsky

Valentina Gurovsky received a performance and teaching degree from the State College of Music in St. Petersburg, Russia. Upon graduation, she was accepted into the world-renowned Leningrad State Conservatory and received a graduate degree in piano performance. Valentina received first prize at the 1967 Chamber Ensemble Competition as well as at the Piano Solo Competition in 1969.

Ludmilla Kozlenko

​Ludmilla Kozlenko is a successful pianist and accompanist with 30 years of professional experience. She received her musical training in the Ukraine at the Chernivtsy Music College, where she also earned a Bachelor's degree in piano performance in 1973.

Marina Surgan

Marina Surgan is the Principal Pianist and Manager of Musicians for Canada's National Ballet School.

Rob Thaller

Rob Thaller holds a BFA degree from the University of Saskatchewan and a master's in music from the University of Rochester. In 2002 he began playing for Music Night at NBS, and became a full-time staff member in 2006. Rob has also played at the Ontario School of Ballet, the Pegasus School of Ballet and the Humber College Community School. He has recently released his first Latin jazz CD, entitled Ritmo Azul.

Craig Wingrove

Craig Wingrove graduated from York University with an Honours BFA in music, and from the Royal Conservatory of Music, where he received his ARCT in piano performance. A full-time musician at NBS since 1991, he has also been a regular guest pianist at the National Ballet of Canada.

Craig Ziebarth

Craig Ziebarth received his music education at the University of Calgary, where he majored in piano performance. From 1990 to 1999, he was a full-time accompanist in the Faculty of Dance at York University, after which he joined the staff at NBS.