Author: Emma O.
May 04, 2017

"The schools each performed pieces that varied from one another, displaying their individual styles, strengths, and personalities."
Photo By: Hannah Liu
The first few days of AI have been filled with so much excitement and opportunity. This is my first year at Canada’s National Ballet school and I feel so fortunate to get to be a part of this amazing experience. Assemblée Internationale has brought together numerous ballet schools from all around the world to participate in a special week unlike any other. Thus far, my grade 9 class and I have had the chance to observe two dress rehearsals showcasing the pieces brought from each of the schools. The schools each performed pieces that varied from one another, displaying their individual styles, strengths, and personalities.
On Tuesday night, they performed the first program which began with Canada’s National Ballet School’s performance of Serenade, a beautiful piece created by George Balanchine that set the mood for this astonishing evening. Following, something completely different yet equally incredible was Roto Roto, a Spanish piece presented by EESA/CPD de l’institut del Teatre in Barcelona, demonstrating very fast footwork and using wooden sticks to enhance the musicality component. Along with balletic pieces, there were also many contemporary performances such as Panorama, a fierce, energetic, and confident performance presented by the San Francisco Ballet School as well as Curious Alchemy, a lively piece with intricate choreography and movements that kept the audience attentive and interested, performed by the New Zealand School of Dance.
One of the most exciting and thrilling pieces of the night was an Excerpt from Le Corsaire performed by The National Ballet School of Cuba. Everyone, including the teachers from around the world, were in absolute awe of this stunning dancer who could turn flawlessly. She executed many pirouettes, piqué turns, and fouettés effortlessly doing triples and quadruples every time, along with one sextuple! I believe that she, along with all of the other dancers here at AI17, were an inspiration to everyone in the audience.
Attending the first performance as well as seeing both dress rehearsals’ have opened my eyes to this amazing ballet world and I am so excited to see what the rest of this week has to offer!